Do you know what employment laws apply to a business your size? Do you know what forms & additional information you need to maintain on record for each employee? Are you familiar with employment record retention laws? A lot of business owners don’t know what they don’t know, until it’s too late and you’ve been served with a notice from a government agency. Let us help you be proactive and avoid costly mistakes!

By performing an HR AUDIT, we can let you know if you are in compliance, and in the case that you need to make some corrections, we provide a roadmap to get your business on the right track as soon as possible!


Employee Record-keeping: We will audit all of your existing and terminated employee files to determine if any state and/or government state forms are missing and verify compliance with record keeping laws.

● Job Descriptions: We will review all your existing job descriptions to ensure Wage & Hour, FLSA & Overtime Law compliance.

Independent Contractors: We will review any independent contractor agreements to ensure that they are bonafide independent contractors and not misclassified employees.

Employee Handbook: We will review the policies stated in your handbook to ensure best practices are in place, and that your handbook is in compliance with appropriate state and federal laws applicable to a business your size.

Benefit Plans: We will review your benefit plans to ensure they are being properly administered, and you are in compliance with COBRA, IRS, and ACA laws.

Meeting With Current HR Personnel: After review of your company’s employee and independent contractor files, job descriptions, employee handbook, and benefit plans, we will conduct a meeting with the personnel responsible for all employment actions (e.g. recruitment, hiring, on boarding, benefits administration, payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, disciplinary actions, performance reviews, compensation, terminations, etc) within your business to understand what processes are in place during an employee’s life cycle. We will assess what is working, what isn’t working, and what could be working more effectively, including engaging employees in the organization’s overall well-being, culture, and profitability.

Executive Summary: Results of the HR Audit will be provided to you so you can have an accurate assessment of how well your company is complying with state and government regulations that apply to a business of your size, and specifically identify gaps in compliance (uncovering exposure to noncompliance fines & penalties).

We will provide you with a STOP/START/CONTINUE document identifying practices that need to stop, priority items that need to be addressed and processes that need to be implemented, as well as practices that need to continue.