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StartupEvery startup struggles with the idea of Human Capital.

  • Who do we hire (freelancer or employee)?
  • How do we make sure we are hiring the right person for the job?
  • What paperwork do they need to complete?
  • What is our ideal corporate culture?

Where do we find HR solutions to meet our start-up’s unique needs?

Did you know Forbes believes HR is one of the top 3 roles every Startup should outsource?

“Outsourcing yStartup Planour HR functions is definitely a cost as well, but when you calculate it out per employee (and figure on the invaluable savings of staying in compliance) it becomes clear that this is a necessary business cost.”

— David Ehrenberg is the CEO of Early Growth Financial Services & Forbes contributor 

Your Startup Needs an HR Strategy! 

HR4SMBIZ provides you with a comprehensive  approach that can be customized to meet your startup needs. You might not have a traditional business plan, but HR doesn’t need to be an afterthought.    

START-UP Packages for companies with 1-9 staff members:

Start at $750 flat fee, per month, for 5 hours of HR On-Demand Customized Solutions. Minimal financial risk, no annual contract requirements.