42% of entrepreneurs state that hiring new staff is one of their biggest challenges

For starters…

Do you have a job description? This is an internal document that allows you to zone in on the responsibilities you expect to delegate. A job description is not just an important part of the recruitment process, it helps you ensure performance standards are being met down the road.  If you don’t have a job description, or have not updated your job description in a long time, this is your first step!

Do you know how to write a job posting to attract quality candidates? Often times, small business owners fail to attract the candidates they are looking for because their job posting is lacking the kind of information candidates want. A job posting is not the same as a job description. Monster explains the difference by comparing the job posting to a typical product commercial – it highlights the best features of the product, rather than listing all of its technical facets.

Do you know what site is best suited for you to maximize exposure and ROI on your job posting? There are so many job boards to choose from now days, and not all of them attract the type of job seeker you may be targeting. This can cause frustration when you are sifting through so many resumes just to be able to find one, just one, candidate that you would even want to bring in for an interview.

Speaking of….

How much time do you have? The average job posting will get 250+ resumes. If you are trying to hire someone, that probably means your time is already limited. Sifting through that many resumes can not just feel overwhelming, it can lead you down a bad hiring decision if you decide to settle for the first one you find that “seems right”?

Do you pre-screen candidates? The pre-screen is an important step in the hiring process that allows you to 1) gauge their interest in the position 2) understand if that person meets your minimum qualifications 3) determine if their salary requirements line up with what you are willing to pay. If you skip this step, you may find yourself wasting time interviewing someone that is really not a right-fit for your business.

Some things to consider when conducting interviews…

Are you asking illegal questions? State and federal laws make discrimination based on certain protected categories, such as national origin, citizenship, age, marital status, disabilities, arrest and conviction record, military discharge status, race, gender, or pregnancy status, illegal.

Are you doing your due diligence? Conducting background and reference checks is crucial to ensuring you are making a right hiring decision. Business owners who skip this step could be putting their business at liability.

Is the employment application, background check forms, and vendor you are using compliant? With new FCRA & “Ban-the-BOX” legislation in place, using the correct forms & vendor to collect candidate data & to conduct background and drug checks is very important and crucial in minimizing your risk.

You’ve gotten this far…

You are ready to move forward with your selected candidate, how do you ensure you are offering a fair & competitive salary when extending an offer? If you haven’t already noticed, the job market is changing, and once again, companies are competing for top-talent. As a small business owner, you may feel like you are at a disadvantage compared to larger organizations. Working for a small business can have many perks that you should highlight, and be prepared to discuss in the negotiation process.

If you want to avoid unnecessary challenges, save time, & make the best hiring decision, you’ve come to the right place! Together, we can help ease your burden by creating a customized recruitment package that meets your specific budget and business needs!

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